1. The program has been developed both in terms of general standards of relevant programs in Greece and abroad, as well as the need of the content to correspond to the characteristics of the Greek and international socio-economic reality. To this end, the MSc program consists of the following course categories:

  • Preliminary courses (P)
  • Mandatory courses (M)
  • Elective courses (E)

There is a pool of elective courses from which students may select up to three (3), based on their particular interests and needs to advance their academic and executive capabilities in order to reinforce their occupational opportunities in the current volatile and demanding business environment.

2. To obtain the MSc diploma, the MSc student must:

  • Fulfill successfully nine (9) courses (M & E) in the A, B and C semesters
  • To fulfill successfully a thesis in the third semester.

3. The MSc diploma requires 90 ECTS through the entire spectrum of research and educational activities of the program, according to the respective Law (Law 3685/2008).