Program Scope

Providing specialized knowledge in the fields of bio-economy, circular economy and sustainable development. To this end, the theory and applied analysis in the fields of bio-economy, circular economy and sustainable development is approached in an interdisciplinary way as a tool towards healthy entrepreneurship and innovative development.

This program combines knowledge, practical skills and developments that characterize the modern business environment, thus providing the executives with the necessary tools in order to apply practices towards minimization of negative impacts on biodiversity conservation as a key element of smart and ecological development in both the public and private sectors. At the same time, on the basis of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Objectives, it provides the appropriate resources for the development of sustainability studies for businesses, organizations and larger entities.

Training of high-level executives. It provides theoretical and applied economic analysis as tools for research achievements in the bioeconomy, circular economy, innovation and, more generally, sustainable development, to improve the management of renewable biological resources and to open up new and diversified markets (agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothing, fishing, energy, etc.) and improve the sustainability of all enterprises and organizations.

The program is designed for graduates and business executives with academic background in economics and management and technical – related subjects (biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, agronomy, etc.) without excluding other relevant fields. The interaction between economics and knowledge about the bio-environment is considered in conjunction with its effects in practice, with the aim of providing the necessary tools and concepts that allow for reconciliation in line with current global needs for radical changes in the direction of an economy friendly in the bio-environment.

Developing the abilities of graduates and executives to delimit and assess modern economic needs with an interdisciplinary approach, making the most of existing knowledge and experience. The ambition of this program is to inspire scientists in technical fields and related sciences, the economic, business and administrative thinking and approach of complex economic and business problems within the framework of a sustainable economy and allow economists to understand the logic and interpretation of biological and related sciences in the functioning of modern economies.

MSc in Bioeconomy, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development, is to offer the unique opportunity to graduates and business executives and those interested in working in the public or private sector or to further enrich this knowledge by pursuing a PhD degree, to be the pioneers and the responsible parties in both the bio-economy and the whole range of economic activities in a sustainable way. The program provides an advanced understanding of the modern economic needs for sustainable development while also offering a career in public institutions, multinational companies or consultancy companies. This program is ideal for executives who are planning a professional career in the public or private sector, international organizations, multinational companies and the development of innovative entrepreneurial action.