The program offers the possibility of internships to its students in the 3rd semester of studies, in a number of our partners. Through the Career Office of the University, our students may carry out their internships in all partners of the Office. The people of the Career Office are always very willing to help you develop your profile and provide you with advice on internships and career paths.

At the same time, our MSc students can choose among a number of firms and organizations, directly linked to the MSc program, such as the innovative firm Apivita, advisory firms on sustainable development such as Global Sustain, APSON EKE, AEIFORIA, as well as others like TITAN, which is a pioneer in terms of sustainable actions and circular economy, etc.

The MSc organizes visits in businesses and organizations so that our students have the possibility to see in action how Bioeconomy, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development are implemented and also discuss with business executives about their career path and the potential of employment after their graduation.

The program cooperates closely with the Career Office of the University of Piraeus which offers a number of supplementary services to our students. These services include professional coaching including advice on cv development, interview preparation, advice on social media profile, entrepreneurship seminars, career days, internships, advice of conference participation and many other services. You may visit the Career Office of the University for more information. The staff is always very eager to help you out.

The program is linked to the market but also to acedemia, hence it organizes special sessions during classes with invited speakers as well as special workshops so that our students have the chance to interact with business executives and academics and broaden their horizons.

The program organizes frequently special workshops with distinguished speakers so that our students can be linked to the market and academia.

The program offers the possibility to our students, when available, to participate in international workshops and summer schools such as the Bio-Innovation Days that took place in Estonia in 2018 and the Bioeconomy Workshop in North Bohemia.

The program has an extensive CSR policy. In this framework, we offer a number of free, for our students, seminars in special topics that are of interest to our students as well as to software.