The courses are given in 6-month semesters and each MSc cycle leading to Master Diploma includes teaching (theory, practice, etc.) as well as research and tests. The language of the program may be Greek or English.

Prior to the first semester, our MSc students are expected to take a number of preliminary courses.

For those with an Economic and relevant background:

  1. Introduction to Technology and Principles of Bio-Systems
  2. Introduction to Chemistry & Life Science Physics

For those with a technical background:

  1. Introduction to Microeconomics
  2. Introduction to Macroeconomics

Econometrics is a common preliminary course.

Preliminary courses last for 5 weeks (3 hours/week) and are carried out in the beginning of the academic year. These courses are examined via a pass/fail examination.

The courses and their distribution per semester are as follows:

The MSc program may be changed via the Steering Committee and approval of the GA of the Department.

Course Scheduling

Course scheduling is adjusted to demanding needs of MSc students. Within this framework, classes take place in a week basis, on Tuesdays and Saturdays (16:00-22:00 and 09:00-15:00). There is always the possibility of more week days according to the program’s needs.

 All courses are basically taught in Greek and are scheduled for 33 hours except for preliminaries that are taught for 15 hours. MSc students receive an Academic Calendar and Course Schedule by the Secretariat by the time of their registration.